• 100 grams available in original, macadamia, cherry, chocolate, deluxe and apricot.
  • These six varieties are available in boxes of 20 bars
  • There are six boxes per carton 120 bars per ctn
  • French nougat 100 gram gift packs have eight 100 gram bars of mixed flavours
  • These are available in any amount
  • Bertoldo nougat 50 gram bars available in original macadamia and deluxe
  • There are 20 bars per box
  • There is 8 boxes per carton
  • Gift packs available with eight bars of mixed in each pack
  • These are available in any amount
  • Nougat are available in cartons of 300 pieces and are made to order
  • As a bite size 15gram portion suitable as a filler for hampers

If you would like to stock any of our French Nougat products in your Cafe/Shop, please contact us HERE

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