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ALMOND DROPS ‐ Round with almond on top. Soft, chewy centre. Made from almond meal. (GLUTEN FREE)

ALMOND MANDORLA ‐ Round, covering in almond silvers. Made from almond meal (GLUTEN FREE)

ALMOND SHORTBREAD ‐ Star of shortbread base, almond meal top covered in flaked almonds.

AMERETTI ‐ Made from almond kernels & sugar. Slightly bitter in taste. (GLUTEN FREE)

BELGIUM WAFER ‐ Square in shape with visible pieces of almond. Crunchy biscuit with cinnamon & ginger flavour.

BISCOTTI CAFFE ‐ Chocolate & vanilla swirled biscuit with chopped almonds throughout. Crunchy to eat.

BISCOTTI LATTE ‐ Large, pale, plaited milk biscuit great for dipping in milk of coffee.

BRUTTE BUONE ‐ Means ‘ugly but nice’. Sweet, crunchy biscuit made with sugar & crushed almonds. (GLUTEN FREE)

COCONUT MACAROON ‐ The flavours of coconut & sugar, Rough in texture with shredded coconut throughout. (GLUTEN FREE)

JAM DROPS ‐ A star of shortbread with a chewy dollop of jam in the centre.

KOURAMBIE ‐ Half moon shape with silver almonds throughout. Dusted in icing sugar. Melts in your mouth.

PASTA MANDORLA ‐ Star of almond meal with a cherry on top. (GLUTEN FREE)

PISTACHIO MANDORLA ‐ Round in shape, made from pistachio meal. Covered in crushed pistachio. (GLUTEN FREE)

ZALETTI ‐ Crescent shaped polenta & sultana biscuit. Not overly sweet. Contains 5% flour.


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