Bertoldos bakery was established by Bruno Bertoldo in 1952. He was the son of Pietro Bertoldo one of two brothers that were bakers and pastry chefs in Italy. When he came to Australia in 1937, Bruno brought fresh new ideas to the baking industry influenced by English and Italian artisans that he had experience working with in Italy and Australia. When his sons came into the business they blended these ideas together with the needs of the customers creating a large range of products from recipes old and new. Now the fourth generation continues to bring quality products to your palate with an insatiable desire to satisfy customers. With dedicated and professional staff we manufacture with pride which is reflected in the quality of our products.

There is such a large range available, there is something you will enjoy.
Bertoldos is positioned in the centre of the Main Street of Griffith with another store on the eastern side with relaxing seating areas,alfresco and indoors”


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